I am a Psycho-Organic Analysis (PAO) therapist, taking a  a psycho-corporal approach to psychotherapy. PAO is a humanistic, non-directive, body-oriented psychotherapy. We work with images, dreams, physical and verbal expression, an in-depth work in a philosophy of empowering patients in their therapeutic process.

Individual Therapy

I receive patients in individual therapy. Because each of us has a unique story, I accompany each individual to (re)find their life momentum, their identity, their own personal creativity. It is a journey and a commitment for each patient to make the step, to take the time to listen to oneself.


Having a thorough knowledge of addictions (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, medicated drugs, sex, games, co-dependencies …), I accompany and support individuals to regain their autonomy and freedom to choose.


I also welcome teenagers. Adolescence is a pivotal period between the childhood and adulthood. At this age, the inner movements are strong and sometimes contradictory: impulsivity of life and at the same time paralysis to take the step, to express emotions which feel hypersensitive. This can bring about important conflicts. Seizing the opportunity to talk to a professional adult helps to unravel and to grow.

Therapy Group

I also lead therapeutic groups. What the individual does not see about their behavior in interpersonal relationships will be revealed in a group. A person can become aware of their dysfunctions in the relationship to others as if facing a mirror. This work is complementary to individual therapy.


Being bilingual French-English, I also receive English native speakers.

(English Therapy).

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