Traveling, encountering different cultures, communicating in different languages and experiencing other ways of seeing the world have shaped me since my conception.

Before and since my birth,  I lived in the Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean, in Europe and in the United States. The English language entered my sound field in parallel with the French language.

At 18, with the baccalaureate, I hesitated between studies in psychology or in art. I asked myself : how was I going to accompany, as a psychologist, people questioning their lives, not knowing myself who I was?

I chose the world of arts and fashion. The garment, the materials, the colors, the image as an appearance and style fascinated me. Building an aesthetic piece as useful as a cover, a protection, a camouflage, a transformation attracted and challenged me as well.

I was a stylist for Agnès b., a brand that I followed as a young shopping teen. This house interested me for its atypical approach to fashion, where the garment is built to be comfortable and pleasant to the skin depending on the singularity of each person. Later, in therapy, I found this respect for the patient’s personal evolution, moving at their own pace towards the emergence of one’s individuality.

I began a psychotherapy. I encountered a new language that I had been searching for for a long time, a dialogue with myself and with the other, to discover oneself. 

My 3 children taught me to become a mother and with therapy, I also learned to become my own good parent.

I started to look elsewhere, to think otherwise. Back at the crossroads of choice, I resumed my studies in psychology this time at the French School of Psycho-Organic Analysis (EFAPO). This school offers the apprentice therapist the opportunity to work with oneself as a first patient with one’s own psyche and body. It is fundamental to experience oneself to accompany someone else.

I opened my psychotherapy practice, after 25 years of research, creation, production in fashion and 20 years of personal therapeutic work in POA. These two parallel processes reflect my construction. A voyage from the outside to the inside. I come from a profession of the beauty of appearance and today as a therapist, I seek what is behind the appearance without losing beauty, accompanied by kindness. I worked in the garment industry, today these clothes have become symbolic to build limits not too near, nor too distant, just right for each self.

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