Studies and research on-going

Specialization in developmental psychology and clinical psychology of children and adolescents at EFAPO, Paris, 2018-2020.

 Non Violent Communication Training NVC in Paris since 2016.

My status

> I adhere to EFAPO‘s Charter and Code of Ethics in Psycho-Organic Analysis.

> I am a member of SOFRAPSY.

> I am affiliated and board member of the Association of Psycho-Organic Analysis AAPO.

> I am a Member of the French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis FF2P.

> My practice is regularly supervised.

> I am also a volunteer therapist for APSoS.

 Education and Diplomas

CEP European Certificate of Psychotherapy, clinical research work on the theme of From the ontological insecurity to the security in the therapeutic relationship, EFAPO, Paris 2018-2022.

Psychotherapist in POA at the French School of Psycho-Organic Analysis (EFAPO), theoretical and practical teaching of psychotherapy.

DU (university diploma) Paris Descartes Addictology: Morbidity and psychiatric comorbidities directed by Dr. Laqueille, Hospital Ste. Anne.

Practices and observations in institutions specialized in addiction studies:

  > in Addiction studies

at CSAPA Moreau de Tours, Sainte-Anne Hospital, Paris

and at the AURORE Therapeutic Community , Aubervilliers

  > in Drug Addiction

at CSAPA Pierre Nicole of the French Red Cross, Paris 

  > in Alcool addiction

at the Hospital of Argenteuil 

  > in Nicotine addiction

at the Hospital Tenon, Paris

Individual Psychoanalytic Psychodrama for Adolescents with the psychoanalyst Prosper Chaboche at the Étienne Marcel center, day hospital in Paris.

B.A. of fashion design Academy of Art College, San Francisco, USA.

Bachelor fashion stylist double degree fashion design – model making in Esmod, Paris.


Scientific Baccalaureate/ US English.

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